Optical illusions play tricks on the human mind and are a great way to test your level of intelligence.

It is an excellent way to flaunt one’s observation skills among friends and family and a great source of entertainment for everyone.

Optical illusions provide healthy brain exercise while also temporarily relieving stress from our daily lives.

Studies suggest that regularly practising optical illusion problems can help boost the power of observation and improve attention.

Do you have good observation skills?

Try it out by spotting the odd orange in the picture in 5 seconds.
Once you are done, then challenge yourself by finding a fish in the cornfield in 6 seconds.
Check it out now!

Optical Illusion – Find Fish in Cornfield in 6 Seconds

The image shared above shows a cornfield scene where people are spending their time by playing and enjoying.

Hidden in the cornfield is a fish which you need to find in 6 seconds.

These optical illusion challenges help boost cognitive abilities like attention to detail, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Such activities can improve memory retention and overall mental agility, making them an excellent way to maintain brain health and prevent cognitive decline.

Did you Find the Fish in the Cornfield in 6 Seconds?

The task of finding a fish in the cornfield is a challenging one.

Only those with exceptional observation skills can spot the fish in the cornfield in 6 seconds.

The fish has camouflaged itself with the surroundings, making it difficult to spot.

You’ll need keen attention to detail to successfully find the fish in the cornfield.

If you focus on the image by zooming in, you may spot the fish.

Have you spotted the fish?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.


The time limit is over.

How many of you successfully spotted all the fish in the cornfield?

We believe some of the most attentive individuals must have already spotted all the fish with their excellent observation skills.

Congratulations to all of them.

Before we move on to the answer, you can test your attention by finding two hidden lions in the picture in 9 seconds.

Now, check out where the fish is located in the cornfield below.

Find Fish in 6 Seconds – Solution

All the fish can be seen spread across from the right to the left side of the image, the location of all the fish is marked below.

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