Henry Cavill, the esteemed actor widely recognized for his portrayal of Superman in the DC cinematic universe, has recently shared some joyous news from his personal life. The 40-year-old heartthrob revealed that he and his girlfriend of over two years, Natalie Viscuso, are expecting their first child together.

The announcement came during the New York City premiere of “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare,” where Cavill expressed his enthusiasm about the impending arrival. In an interview with the press, he shared, “I’m very excited about it. Natalie and I are both very excited about it. I’m sure you’ll see much more of that.”

During the interview, a reporter commended Cavill, suggesting he would make “a great dad,” to which he graciously responded with a smile and a heartfelt “thank you.”

Cavill and Viscuso’s relationship has blossomed over the past couple of years, marked by their public appearances together at various events. Earlier this year, the couple attended the London premiere of “Argylle,” where they graced the red carpet in stylish attire, showcasing their undeniable chemistry and affection for each other.

Their relationship became public knowledge in April 2021, when they shared a delightful snapshot of themselves engaged in a game of chess on their respective Instagram accounts. Cavill playfully remarked in his caption, “This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie, destroys me at chess,” while Viscuso humorously questioned, “teaching my dear Henry how to play some chess…or…maybe he let me win?”

Their debut appearance as a couple on the red carpet occurred in New York City in October 2022, during the premiere of “Enola Holmes 2,” further solidifying their bond in the public eye.

Viscuso, an accomplished TV executive with Vertigo Entertainment, has been an integral part of Cavill’s professional and personal life. The couple revealed their collaboration on an adaptation of Warhammer 40,000 in December 2022, expressing their mutual passion for the project and the creative synergy they share.

Cavill expressed his gratitude for the partnership on Instagram, acknowledging Viscuso’s invaluable contributions and their shared journey in bringing the project to fruition. Viscuso, in turn, highlighted her deep connection to the genre, citing fantasy, horror, and sci-fi as the foundation of her creative expression.

As the news of Cavill’s impending fatherhood spreads, fans and well-wishers are eagerly awaiting updates on this new chapter in his life. With Cavill and Viscuso’s shared excitement and love for each other, their journey into parenthood promises to be a heartwarming and memorable one.

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