Flying isn’t always a pleasant experience, and different people have different priorities when it comes to ensuring their comfort during a flight. This particular woman had her own requirements for traveling comfortably, but not everyone shared her perspective.

She found herself in an uncomfortable situation both physically and figuratively. Faced with a dilemma, she had to choose between being generous or standing up for her personal space.

Heading across the country to spend Christmas with her family, she knew she needed extra space due to her size. So, she always booked an additional seat to ensure her comfort. Everything seemed fine until she boarded the flight and found a woman with her 18-month-old child sitting next to her.

Despite there being an empty seat, the woman asked her to squeeze into one seat so her toddler could have the other. However, since she had paid for both seats, she declined. This led to an interaction that caught the attention of a flight attendant.

After explaining the situation, the flight attendant asked if she could make room for the child, but she politely refused, asserting her right to the seats she had paid for. While the flight attendant understood, the mother made the woman uncomfortable throughout the journey with dirty looks and passive-aggressive remarks.

Later, the woman questioned if she had been unfair and sought opinions on Reddit. Responses varied, with some empathizing with her and others condemning the mother’s entitlement.

While some understood the mother’s desire for a comfortable flight, they argued she should have purchased an extra seat for her child. Ultimately, opinions differed on who was in the right in this situation.

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