As a highly trained operative in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise employs a sophisticated technological scheme to infiltrate a top-secret Kremlin archive. In reality, however, the Hollywood star has discovered a much simpler method to blend into gatherings of Russia’s elite.

Tom Cruise is dating a prominent Russian MP’s daughter to be exact

Elsina Khayrova, 36, the daughter of a prominent Russian MP and the ex-wife of a diamond-trading oligarch.
Image Credit: Elsina_k InstagramTom Cruise, 61, was seen at a party in London’s Mayfair with socialite Elsina Khayrova, 36, the daughter of a prominent Russian MP and the ex-wife of a diamond-trading oligarch. Khayrova’s timeline of her acquaintance with Cruise is uncertain. Nevertheless, she is not a stranger to the internet. Showcasing her opulent lifestyle on Instagram, where she boasts over 8,000 followers. “They were inseparable, clearly a couple,” said one guest at the predominantly Russian event. “He seemed to be besotted with her.“The duo reportedly arrived together at the Grosvenor Square party around 9 pm last Saturday. Surprising and exciting the other guests. Miss Khayrova, wearing a strapless black dress with a diamanté bow, posed for pictures with Avramenko Aliena, a former Miss Europe contestant, before hitting the dance floor with her Top Gun star companion. Cruise and Miss Khayrova allegedly left the event together in the early hours.

Camera shy, the pair partied the night away

Tom Cruise greeting fans
Image Credit: tomcruise Instagram“Cruise was very friendly – he kept being asked for pictures and politely declining,” the source said. “Eventually, the DJ had to announce in Russian that Mr. Cruise didn’t want any photos. He spent most of the night dancing with Ms. Khayrova, but at one point, he was just throwing himself around in the middle of a group of women.”The former model, a British citizen, was previously married to Russian tycoon Dmitry Tsetkov, with whom she shared a $27 million mansion on the Wentworth estate in Surrey. As well as houses in London worth $22 million. The couple also owned properties in Dubai and Cyprus, along with car, jewelry, and art collections worth millions of dollars.Read: Tom Cruise’s Ex-wife Left Him to ‘Protect’ Their Daughter – He Has Not Seen Daughter for Years, Report Says

A divorce that made the papers because of a $1.2 mil handbag collection

Their acrimonious divorce made headlines in the summer after Miss Khayrova was accused of hiding substantial assets from her ex-husband. Including her $1.2 million handbag collection. Numerous media outlets report that Khayrova has a background in the fashion industry, having worked as a model. She has been featured in campaigns for brands such as Graff and has also been seen at events hosted by Victoria’s Secret.

Cruise, on the other hand, has not been publicly linked to anyone since his divorce from his third wife, Katie Holmes, 15 years ago, although he was recently rumored to be dating Shakira and his Mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell.

Although tight-lipped about his love life, the American Scientologist is always eager to discuss his fondness for Britain, where, he believes, “everyone is so pleasant” and “well-mannered.” The actor explained, “I guess I’m an Anglophile. I spend a lot of time in Britain, and that’s not just for work reasons. I just love being here.”

He attended three high-profile events in one day in 2021 – pictured at Goodwood, Wimbledon, and the Euros football final. He even celebrated his 60th birthday party in the Cotswolds, joined by David Beckham, James Corden, and Gordon Ramsay. Perhaps now the star has a convenient excuse to spend more of his time on that side of the Atlantic?

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