Our home is a sanctuary, a place where we should always feel safe and secure, free from threats. It’s our haven, providing the rest we deserve after a long and exhausting day. For many, home is their comfort zone, and it’s vital to ensure that safety is never compromised while inside.

To protect their privacy and security, numerous people install surveillance cameras on their property. However, even with such precautions, criminals continue to devise ways to gain unauthorized access to people’s homes.

A Texan woman, Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, recently shared a story to raise awareness and caution others about a new trick that burglars are employing to infiltrate homes.

Kim was alone at home when she heard a knock on the door. The knocking escalated into what sounded like pounding. Since she wasn’t expecting any visitors, she wisely chose not to open the door.

As the knocking grew even more insistent, she began to feel apprehensive and decided to wait a while before investigating if anyone was still outside.

After some time, when it seemed that the person had departed, she went downstairs and opened the front door. That’s when she noticed a rubber band on the door handle. Perplexed and unaware of its significance, she promptly contacted the police to report the incident.

Upon their arrival, the officers explained that other residents in the area had reported discovering rubber bands on their door handles. They elucidated the reason behind this unusual method employed by burglars.

It turns out that when a homeowner answers the door and unlatches it to open, the rubber band keeps the latch open. This makes it easier for criminals to push their way inside the house. Since the latch remains open due to the rubber band, the homeowner is unable to close and lock the door.

Kim is now on a mission to alert others about this new tactic and remind them to exercise extra caution when opening the door to strangers

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