My husband’s children hate me. They always have and always will, but fortunately, my husband took my side when he saw how cruel they were to me. He taught them a valuable lesson, which eventually made them apologize and rebuild our relationships.

My husband, Jack, is the dad of three kids over 21 years old. He was devastated when I met him two years after his wife passed away. He became a father at an early age and, sadly, also became a widower after a few years. About a year after we met, he introduced me to his kids, and we absolutely didn’t get along.

I understood why they were apprehensive about my relationship with their father, who is ten years my junior. He is 43 and I am 53. We have known each other for over nine years and have been engaged for four years. Throughout the stages of our relationship, not once did his children make me feel accepted.

I didn’t move in with their family until all of his kids were out of the house. When the time finally came for me to move in, I had fewer interactions with them as they went to college. Still, whenever we were together, they would talk about their mom and made sure I felt like an intruder in their family. This was despite me telling them that I was not trying to replace their mother.

When Jack proposed, his children started disrespecting me even more, but behind Jack’s back. I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want them to argue. I was well aware that their family had gone through so much already, especially Jack, who had to raise his kids singlehandedly for years.

Jack felt he had to fill in the hole their mother left. So he worked twice as hard to provide his children with a luxurious life, even after they moved out of the house.

Anyway, we had our wedding a few weeks back. It was a small civil ceremony and his children did not attend, claiming they all had other important commitments. Since it was a small event, we did not mind. We decided to go all out and spend more on our honeymoon, which we took in the Bahamas.

Two days after we landed, ALL of his kids appeared. “Daddy, we missed you so much!” they said. Another whispered in my ear, “You thought you got rid of US, huh?!” Although taken aback by their arrival, we still gave them a tour and showed them our villa. I tried to be nice and ordered them snacks. Meanwhile, Jack got beverages for everyone.

I never thought they would ruin my honeymoon, but I almost fell when one of his kids told me, “You, 58-year-old OLDIE! Still want a fairytale? This villa is too luxurious for you. We’ll take this one, and you can get that small bungalow.”

I calmly told them, “Guys, please don’t ruin this for your father and I. Please just give us this honeymoon and don’t cause a scene. I’m begging you.”

“We will never give you a taste of happiness. You do not deserve our dad, and you definitely do not deserve this luxurious villa. So beat it!” one of them replied.

And then we heard a glass smash to the floor; Jack was standing a few feet from the door, purple with rage.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” he screamed. It was a voice I had never heard before; one that was so angry that it stunned his kids into silence.

“I have given you everything, supported you financially, and this is how you repay me? Disrespecting my wife? And on our honeymoon no less,” Jack exclaimed.

They started to stammer excuses, but Jack cut them off. “Enough! I have had it with your entitled behavior. You think you can come here and demand anything? Did you really think I did not know about your behavior towards my wife? I turned a blind eye, hoping each time that you all would change. This ends now.”

He pulled out his phone and made a call. Within minutes, the villa’s security arrived. “Escort them out. They are no longer welcome here,” he said.

The security guards led his kids away, their faces a mix of shock and humiliation. They protested, but Jack stood firm. “You will not disrespect my wife or me ever again. Consider this your lesson in respect and a wake-up call,” he added before telling them that he would also cut all their credit cards.

Jack wasted no time. He immediately called the bank and cut off their financial support, forcing them to stand on their own feet for the first time. He made it clear that their behavior had consequences and that they needed to learn responsibility and respect.

The next few months were tough. For many years, they relied on their credit cards to enjoy life. Without it, they struggled, but eventually started to understand the value of hard work and respect.

One evening, we received a call from all his kids. “Dad, I’m sorry,” they all said, their voices filled with genuine remorse. “We were wrong. Can we start over?”

Jack looked at me, tears in his eyes. “Of course,” he replied, his voice cracking. “We can always start over.”

And so, slowly but surely, they rebuilt their relationship. Jack’s decisive actions during our honeymoon not only protected our special time but also taught his kids a lesson they would never forget. It was a hard journey, but in the end, it brought us all closer together.

Jack’s kids are not the only ones who learned a lesson after a wedding. A bride’s mother also realized a valuable lesson after her daughter tied the knot.

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