H: “Hey!”

W: “Hey honey. Are you there in the nightclub?”

H: Yes…

W: “Excellent! Two blocks away from you is the mall where I am now. I just noticed this stunning mink coat. It’s really very beautiful! Is it available for purchase?

H: “How much is it?”

W: “Just $1,500.”

H: “All right, then, if you really like it, go ahead and get it.”

W: “Oh, and I saw the 2024 models when I went to the Mercedes showroom as well. I absolutely liked the one I saw. After we spoke the salesman offered me a great deal. Given that we must exchange the BMW we purchased last year…

H: “What was the quote he gave you?”

W: “Just sixty thousand dollars…

H: “All right, but I want it with every option for that price.”

W: “Excellent! But there’s one more thing before we hang up.

H: “What?”

W: “Although it appears excessive, I was balancing your bank account and…” We had looked at this house last year, and I spotted it this morning when I stopped by the real estate agent. It’s discounted! Remember? The seaside home has an English garden, a swimming pool, and an acre of parkland.

H: “How much do they want to ask?”

W: “Just $450,000 is an incredible price. and I can see that we have enough money in the bank to cover it.

H: “All right, then, just bid $420,000 and buy it.” Alright?

W: “All right, my love… Thank you! See you later! I love you!

H: “Goodbye. I love you as well.

After hanging up, the man shuts off the call, lifts the phone and asks everyone in the room, “Does anyone know who this phone belongs to?”

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