Beyoncé set the internet abuzz with the new photo promotion of her upcoming album, where she wore nothing but a sash across her body. Social media users left comments on the post, questioning the need to be nude.

Beyoncé recently took to Instagram to promote her highly anticipated album, “Act II: Cowboy Carter,” sharing a photo that captured her in a moment of raw elegance and power. However, many were taken aback with her outfit, or lack thereof.

Standing tall, Beyonce held a cigar in one hand and covered herself with the other. Her body was adorned with nothing but a sash draped artistically across her. In hues of blue, red, and white, the sash read, “act ii BEYINCE.”

Beyoncé’s long braids cascaded down one side, as she looked at the camera with a poker face, exuding confidence and intrigue. In her post, Beyoncé revealed the release date of her upcoming album, set for March 29, 2024, and promoted her pre-order a limited edition cover vinyl.

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