On Reddit’s r/relationship_advice thread, a lady recounted how she discovered her husband’s affair. The OP stated that she discovered pricey women’s glasses on her kitchen counter and that her spouse and oldest son had lied to her when she questioned about them.

According to OP’s explanation, her husband claimed to have spoken with another lady on a matter in which he said that the other woman was far superior to his wife. “I told him it was completely unnecessary and hurtful to compare her to me in order to compliment her,” the original poster said. He said that I was being irrational and envious and that his words had no real meaning. He didn’t say anything more about it after that, so I dropped it.”

The OP discovered pricey women’s glasses in the kitchen the next day. She questioned her husband and her oldest son about who the glasses belonged to while she was picking them up, but they both gave false answers: her husband said he didn’t know, and his oldest son claimed the glasses belonged to his buddy Allison.

Then, OP said that she would give the glasses back to her because she didn’t think a youngster should own such pricey eyewear.

The original poster stated, “I spoke with Alison’s mom, and she affirmed that those weren’t Alison’s sunglasses and that neither she nor her daughter owned them.”

She said, “My son went from saying that he could’ve sworn they were Alison’s to well maybe not maybe I don’t know who they are,” after discussing the glasses once again with her husband and oldest son. My spouse then mentioned that he could recall taking the sunglasses out of our son’s backpack while he was preparing his lunch.

Her youngest kid claimed the next day that he had identified the glasses and that they belonged to Noelle, the person her husband had made comparisons to. He also complimented her on the meal.

When the OP heard it, her heart skipped a beat. She stated, “My husband has not realized they are hers; he thought they were mine, which is why he didn’t move them,” after confronting him when he returned home from work. My oldest son lied about them since he knew right away who they were. He was attempting to hide from me since he knew I was going to find out everything.

When OP gave the glasses back to Noelle, the owner, she discovered that her husband had told her—falsely—that he and his wife were about to get divorced. “She looked really confused and told me why would I care if we were separated anyway,” the original poster stated.

When she finally spoke with her, the two women were horrified to learn that their husbands had been lying to them.

When OP approached her husband, he said he wasn’t sure what he felt, and if he found out it was true that he was against Noelle, he would tell his wife, and he was scared of losing her.

Then, after discovering his falsehoods, OP threw him out and Noelle followed suit. OP said that she is divorcing him and that their attorneys would be her only means of communication.

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