Enthusiasm filled a man’s heart at the beginning of their romance. His fiancée quickly settled into his life, and their romance seemed to be written in heaven. However, he got an exciting offer one fateful day: his lover wanted him to meet her family. He had no idea that her parent’s house would be the scene of a mysterious surprise for him.

A 31-year-old man posted a story on Reddit on September 20, 2023, looking for feedback on a recent romantic incident. About six months ago, he had begun dating his now ex-girlfriend, a 27-year-old lady.

She moved into his apartment two months into their relationship, and things were going well. But when she said she wanted him to meet her family over the weekend, their relationship took a surprising turn.

A Thought-Provoking Finding That Inspired an Unexpected Choice

They didn’t take long to set off on a Saturday to visit her family’s house. Thirty minutes into the visit, the man’s girlfriend appeared at the front door, and a ten-year-old girl immediately called out, “Mom!” and gave her a hearty embrace.

The man was shocked since during their relationship, his partner had never brought up having a daughter. After some more discussion, it became clear that she hadn’t seen or spoken to her daughter in at least two months.

When the young girl was asked when she had last spoken to her mother, she replied, “Sometime before Summer break,” leaving the dad perplexed and discouraged. He came to the conclusion at this point that he couldn’t stay in a relationship with someone who had essentially abandoned her child.

The man-made the determined decision to deal with the problem head-on. He broke the news to his girlfriend in front of her parents, saying that their relationship couldn’t last. He gave an explanation for why he couldn’t be with someone who seemed to have forgotten about her own family.

Following that, they made their way back to his apartment, during which the now-ex-girlfriend of the original poster begged and promised to change. The upset man said, “I packed up everything she had and drove her back to her parents.”

The man asked the Reddit community for advice in his post, specifically asking if it was wrong for him to break up with her parents in front of her family. In an update, he made it clear that he wasn’t looking for criticism for ending his relationship with her, but rather wondered if his handling of the matter had been incorrect.

What Do Redditors Think?

With one commenter saying that any mother who didn’t even bother to contact her own child because she acquired a new lover was a significant red flag, many Redditors unanimously supported the man’s decision, making it reasonable.

Others agreed, pointing out that the girlfriend had concealed her child from him and appeared to have neglected and abandoned the child. Commenters further supported the man’s conduct by pointing out that any parent who neglects their children is a serious red flag.

Some Redditors praised the man for his approach, pointing out that he even accompanied the girl and her stuff back to her parents after waiting for her to leave the room before introducing himself. They questioned the girlfriend’s choice to hide her child and showed interest in hearing what her parents had to say about the circumstances. They were unwavering in their support of the man’s choice and didn’t criticize his approach.

Many others agreed with the statement that if she could do that to her child, it begged questions about what she would do in a romantic setting and ultimately supported the man’s choice. While others acknowledged that the circumstances were not ideal, many thought the man’s response was appropriate and sincere. They thought that the girlfriend was bearing the repercussions of her conduct and held her accountable for arranging the encounter.

One commenter highlighted the seriousness of silently leaving one’s child’s life behind while expressing shock and sympathy for the circumstances. They supported the man’s decision and gave him credit for upholding standards in his relationship.

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