This girl grew up during World War II.
She and her family slept in the Underground and went from one place to another.
This star grew up to be a successful actress who married a younger man.
This celebrity grew up during the period of war. However, she could barely recall what transpired that led to the war because she was still too young. It affected her schooling, but she became one of the most iconic stars.

This public figure was born in London, England, on May 23, 1933. She is the eldest child of Elsa, a former nightclub hostess, and Joseph, a talent agent.

Elsa, a British native, and her husband, Joseph, a South African, welcomed two more children together: Jackie in 1937 and Bill in 1946. The family lived during the World War II period.

They sought shelter in Tube stations with fellow London residents hiding from German bombs that were all over the city. This girl recalled those times in May 2020.

She revealed she was fairly young when the war began and that her father had to remain in London as he had to entertain those who stayed behind. She added:

“But I was evacuated constantly.. […] We were all over the place.”

This negatively impacted her schooling as her family could not stay in one place. This showbiz star admitted it was a challenging period for her. However, she and her sibling were fortunate enough to have their mother with them, which made things easier.

She remembered her and her loved ones sleeping in the underground, “We went to the one at Marble Arch the most. It was very convivial – people would have accordions and they’d sing.”

Who Is the Girl Who Slept in the Underground?
The girl who was an evacuee is English actress Joan Collins, who became a household name after appearing in the 1981 drama series, “Dynasty,” alongside Linda Evans.

In an October 2013 interview, Collins revealed her grandmother, who taught her how to sing and do tap dance, and splits, encouraged her to pursue acting. However, her father discouraged her from becoming an actress, saying that by age 23, she would no longer be relevant to the industry. Evidently, she soared over everyone’s expectations.

As much as her career has thrived through the years, the same cannot be said about Collins’ love life. The star was once engaged to actor Warren Beatty, then 23, and she fell pregnant with his child at age 26.

But he encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy, telling her it would tarnish their careers. Although hesitant about it initially, the now mother of three said he was right years later.

Although she and Beatty never married, Collins went on to marry four times. She is now married to her fifth husband, actor Percy Gibson, since February 2002.

“Percy is the most honorable man I’ve ever met,” Collins gushed a month after the couple exchanged wedding vows. Although she had no intention of marrying again, he changed her mind.

The pair met in 2000 in New York City when she was part of a play, and he was a producer. They began a passionate affair when she was in her 60s and he was in his 30s. The age difference never bothered the couple.

Today, Collins is 90 years old, while her longtime husband, Gibson, is 58. The Peru native is 32 years younger than his Golden Globe Award-winning wife.

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