The way that mind-bending visuals and optical illusions virtually cause your brain to deform is amazing.

Such images abound on the internet and in vintage publications, but this one is based on actual events.

This photo appears to show an “invisible” being, but it’s not a cunning thief or intruder.

Instead, the  dog is the object of everyone’s search.

This complex picture confuses even the most adept optical illusion detectors.

Is the large  canine lurking just in front of your nose? Look at the image down below!

(If you don’t immediately find it, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through each step until you understand it.)

The image was first shared by Christina Suvo, a lady, according to 7 News Perth.

Christina asserted that a  dog may be hidden in the image.

Still, a lot of people had doubts. There don’t appear to be any living things in the image. But I assure you, a  dog is present.

Can you see his location?

This is a comprehensive view of the kitchen. Is the dog visible now?

Don’t worry if you can’t find him. At first, neither did we see it.

Let’s approach this by dissecting the image into squares, which is how most people resolve optical illusions.

Start with the square on the upper left corner and work your way down.



Has the dog been located yet? Here’s a hint: box four contains him.

Not able to see him yet? Remember that you are searching the lower right corner of the image for a  dog.

Click the image below to discover the  dog’s exact location!

You can probably tell the difference between the black carpet and his lighter-colored tummy, even though it’s still difficult to see him.

The dog’s eyes, ears, and tummy are depicted by the arrows in the image above.

Although it’s still difficult to discern, the black dog is undoubtedly present on the black carpet.

You can actually see the pink inside his ears and his stomach, which is a lighter color.

In case you’re still having problems spotting the dog, the photo above makes him more visible. He’s been emphasized this time.

The  dog’s face should now be quite visible to you. He has large, endearing eyes, a long nose, and what appears to be an inside-out ear.

It’s an adult black Labrador  puppy. Given that labradors typically weigh between 65 and 75 pounds (30 and 35 kg), it’s amazing that such a large  dog was able to remain hidden in this photo!

Was this your first attempt at seeing the dog?

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