The price was almost right on Friday’s mind-blowing episode of The Price is Right.

During the Showcase Showdown host Drew Carey was left shocked to the core when one of the contestants bid so close to the actual value of the prize that Carey called it the “best Showcase bid in the history of the show.”

Patrice Masse from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, played the game and made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown. He placed a $39,500 bid on a prize package that featured a trip to Miami and a new car.

When the time came to reveal the actual value of the prize package, Carey was left speechless.

“So, let me tell ya…” he began, as the crowd and Masse anxiously awaited the results.

“Thirty-nine thousand, five-oh-one.”

Watch the insane moment in the video below.

Masse’s bid was within $1, meaning he won both prize packages.

According to the current rules, any contestant who comes within $250 without going over wins both showcases. Masse’s incredible guess made him one of the show’s rare Double Showcase Winners.

Congratulations, Patrice! What an awesome win. That will for sure go down as one of the best wins in the history of game shows.

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