Twin sisters from Knoxville, Tennessee, Autumn Shaw and Amber Tramontana, have always done everything together.

Not only are they strikingly similar in appearance, but their life paths were also remarkably similar.

Both pursued nursing jobs, were married almost simultaneously, and had children two and a half months apart who were the same height and weight at birth and are now two years old.


The fact that Autumn and Amber were born on the same day as their mothers’ birthdays upped the stakes for their common identity.

Amber claims that when she and Autumn found out they were both expecting daughters and that their due dates, October 29 and October 29, fell on the same day as their birthdays, they simply could not believe it.


Understandably, we liked our children to be close in age. But according to Amber, we had totally no plan to have them arrive on the same day.

Although they weren’t in the same room, the sisters nevertheless got together to celebrate their 33rd birthdays in the adjoining maternity wards.


They were only divided by a wall as they gave birth to daughters on October 29 at one-and-a-half hour intervals.

Autumn named her daughter Charleston, while Amber gave her the name Blakely. According to Dr. George Wick, who was born alongside both sisters, this is the first time he has seen something similar in his 45 years of practice.

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