As it turns out, Greg Vaughan is recuperating from a terrifying sickness that took him to the hospital. It turns out that the reason he was hospitalized was because he got too high, too quickly.

The soap opera veteran, who is best known for his roles as Eric Brady on about one thousand episodes of “Days of Our Lives” and Lucky Spencer on more than six hundred episodes of “General Hospital,” shared a pair of images from earlier this week that showed him hooked up to an oxygen machine.

Despite the fact that Vaughan had previously informed his followers that he was doing OK, he was forced to hurry to an urgent care center after being struck by a particularly severe case of altitude sickness.

Just one day into what was meant to be a joyful and peaceful vacation, GV reports that he began to have feelings of exhaustion, congestion, and shortness of breath since he had taken his children to Breckenridge, Colorado, with the purpose of going skiing and snowboarding.

Greg claims that he tried to cure the issue by taking some NyQuil and drinking a lot of Pedialyte, but it did not work. As a result, he ended up going down the mountain to get some medical assistance.

While he was under the impression that the problem wouldn’t be anything too significant, Vaughan is fortunate that he didn’t attempt to stick it out during this sickness. According to him, the oxygen level in his blood was at a pitiful 54%, and fluid was filling his lungs.

According to Vaughan, they connected him to a couple of intravenous lines and advised him that it would be preferable for him to go to a lower altitude.

In the end, Greg is using his experience as a teaching moment, warning people that the Rockies are not a joke, so they should be cautious when they go skiing and snowboarding in the future.