Genius!! A creative individual constructed his home entirely out of plastic bottles, showcasing an innovative approach to recycling and sustainability. Now look what it looks like.

This is ingenuity, the guy has golden hands

In a refugee settlement in Algeria, people live in tents. The conditions are simply terrible and unsuitable for humans. And if we add the unbearable heat to everything, then we can say with confidence that a person will not be able to withstand this. It is worth noting that this camp has been providing shelter to people for 25 years, however, the conditions have not improved. However, the savvy young man decided to build his own house.


The main material was bottles. We all know about the dangers of plastic, because it does not decompose, and if the plastic is not exposed to direct sunlight, it will not deform. The guy realized that this would be an excellent raw material for a new house. He filled many bottles with sand and other debris to keep them in shape. He began to build walls. To keep everything strong and stable, the guy used a mixture of clay and sand, and then tied the bottles with rope, creating something like a net out of it.


Local residents laughed at the guy, not believing in his idea. However, when the house began to take on a certain appearance, they decided to help him. They picked up the rolls and covered them with sand. Fortunately, there is a lot of material for this. Landfills are full of plastic bottles.


As a result, after the fence was built, the guy decided to make a small fence. This house protects him from the sun and gives him a slight coolness. He was able to improve his living conditions, despite living in a refugee camp. Who knows, maybe this is a step to improve the entire settlement.


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