My Husband Left Me with Heavy Grocery Bags to Hang out with Friends – He Soon Regretted It

As their usual Sunday routine — Kristen and Gary spend their morning doing chores at home before heading to the grocery store to plan for the week. But when Gary gets a phone call from his friends, he bolts — leaving Kristen to fork up the $650 bill and find her own way home. Who is more important to Gary, and what can Kristen do to teach him a lesson?

For as long as I’ve been married to Gary, we have had a set Sunday routine. We wake up, have brunch and then hit the grocery store. It’s been this way for the past two years — it’s how the system runs smoothly.

So, it’s a Sunday morning. I make us brunch while Gary sorts out the outside — mowing the lawn and so on.

“Are you ready?” Gary asked, as he came into the kitchen fresh from a shower.

We get to the store, and my husband and I have a ball of a time. We walk the grocery store per aisle, making sure that we got everything we needed — and then some. We were both foodies, so cooking together was our love language.

We were just about to start unloading our cart at the checkout when Gary’s phone erupted with a loud ring.

“Sorry, Kristen, but I’ve got to take this,” he muttered, stepping aside to answer. “You can start checking out, though.”


So I began to unload all of our groceries — the meat, the veggies, the fruit, not to mention the junk food and drinks that we had stocked up on, too.

Moments later, Gary returned, looking both agitated and excited.

“Listen, I have to run,” he said, glancing at the groceries as the checkout guy went about scanning them.

“Where do you have to go?” I asked.

“The guys are waiting for me. We’re going to have some beers, barbecue, and watch the game together,” he said.

Gary put his hands in his pocket, and looked toward the exit.

I thought that he was waiting for us to finish at the grocery store, then drop me off at home before taking off to his friends.

“I’ll see you later,” he said.

“What? Now?” I asked, puzzled. “But we’re about to check out!”

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