Teenage Girl Vanishes, Reappears 10 Years Later on Family’s Doorstep & Points Finger at Stepfather – Story of the Day

Laura woke up, still feeling exhausted. Beside her, Richard, her husband and Emily’s stepfather, was fast asleep.

Laura peeled back the sheets and went to the kitchen like every other morning. The business trip had been tiring. Once she had prepared breakfast, she headed to Emily’s room.

“Time to wake up, sweetie!” Laura started, but her voice trailed off when she noticed Emily’s bed was perfectly made.

Laura checked Emily’s bathroom, but Emily wasn’t there. Weirdly enough, Emily’s things were perfectly organized. Laura searched all the rooms, the backyard, and even the garden, but Emily was nowhere to be seen.

Laura knew Emily wasn’t the most obedient kid. She had sneaked out a couple of times and even attended wild parties. But today, it wasn’t one of those reasons why Emily was missing. Laura could feel it in her gut.


Rick, wake up!” Laura returned to their bedroom and tried to wake up her husband. “Emily’s missing!”

“Let me sleep, Laura,” Richard replied, his voice groggy. “She’s a teen. She must have snuck out to meet those friends of hers. Relax.”

“This is serious, Rick. Her room is spick and span! This isn’t like Emily!”

But Richard dismissed her concerns and went back to sleep. Laura was anxious. She went downstairs to the living room, hoping Emily would walk in through the door any moment, safe and sound.

Suddenly, her phone pinged with a message.

Laura’s head spun. She wanted to tell herself it was a bad dream. But it wasn’t.

With trembling hands, Laura immediately called the cops. They arrived soon. She had just let them in when Richard’s voice boomed from upstairs. “Laura? What’s going on? What are cops doing here?”

“Someone kidnapped Emily!” she replied tremblingly. “The kidnapper is demanding ransom.”

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